Augusta Motorspeedway

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Class Qualifications *

Karts must be a recognized manufactured race kart or approved by the track management.

* Tire Rule:  OPEN TIRE RULE for the 2014 Season.

* Karts must be numbered, front, Back, Left, and Right Side.  Number must be at least 6” in length and contrast with background color.

* All Engines must be racing engines or approved by Track Management.

* All Drivers Must wear approved full face helmets, a neck brace/collar, long sleeves, long pants, gloves and shoes.  Racing Suits/Jackets, and chest/rib protectors are recommended.  (Champ Karts must have arm restraints)

* All 5 HP Classes must be Briggs & Stratton engines with WKA approved muffler.

* All Weights must be bolted, double nutted or single nut and pinned on to kartexcept shot in frame. Weight must be painted white, and have kart
number on it.

* Kart Bodies should not have any sharp edges.  Preferably rounded,
flexible edges.

* Any Enclosed Trailer must have a charged, workable ABC Fire Extinguisher aboard.

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